Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tell us about your favorite organization and why it is important to you-. #BEjulychallenge14 #BEsociety

Tell us about your favorite organization and why it is important to you-. #BEjulychallenge14 #BEsociety

parent to parent is a organization that is close to me. My husband interviewed for a job but didn't get it, They gave him a chance to be a board member and encouraged him to be vp on the board. We do volunteer work with them because helping family's with special needs is a passion of ours and parent to parents mission is to help family's of children with special needs. I'm even being interviewed to be a member of the board I'll let you know more details as I learn more myself but it's a great organization that does fundraising offers resources for parents who have children with special needs. My husband an I enjoy helping others who have children with special needs.

What is your favorite fashion accessory right now?-. #BEjulychallenge14 #BEsociety

What is your favorite fashion accessory right now?-

. #BEjulychallenge14 #BEsociety

 My wedding ring is my favorite fashion accessory because I always wear it. 

What is you fashion accessory ?  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BEjulychallenge14 #BEsociety- Tell us a bit about where you live.

BEjulychallenge14 #BEsociety-

 Tell us a bit about where you live.

I live in a small town in Otsego,Michigan,Usa. It's got conveniences that is a must for me such as a grocery store, party store and a street down town full of stores. If you call it down town compered to where I'm from it's like a three street city block and six city blocks long all the way around full of houses some apartments that are only two stories high I live in an two story apartment complex. There's a park and and three schools. Two elementary schools a middle school and a high school. There's parks and some places to check out but if you want to do anything or go anywhere you have to go to the town over called Plainwell you can also go to the next city over called Kalamazoo and that's where a few of Bella's doctors are located including her predictions office.    There are bars, restaurants and churches like most small towns. Oh and lot's of trees. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to school shopping whats on my list for Bella

I do not home school my daughter, I have found that I teach her science and fun creative things this summer. 
Bella and I are always doing arts and crafts. we go through a ton of supplies. I'm actually looking for the best deals that are out right now. I'm looking for backpacks and rain gear winter gear and school supplies as well as back to school clothes.

We bought Bella  pair of glow in the dark running shoes from payless and she loves them we of course had to get the curly tie s because tieing her shoes frustrates her.

Why do you blog?-#BEjulychallenge14 #BEsociety

Why do you blog?-

#BEjulychallenge14 #BEsociety

I have a rare genetic disorder as does my daughter Isabella. We have multiple health issues, I just recently got diagnosed with gateropiese,multiple gallstones gerd and I was recently told I not only have to live on a gasteroperiese diet but I also have to loose weight as I also have a massive hitial hernia. 
I blog to get thoughts out of my head and to use this blog as a out. 
I also love doing product reviews, testing products and working with company's to help promote their products or services.  I enjoy blogging and connecting with other bloggers and other people who are reading my blog. 

Do you own a blog ? what are your thoughts on my blog ?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bella had a passout spell today

This afternoon Bella had a falling a sleep spell. 

Bella worked herself up to so much anxiety driven fear over reading a book. I mean just trying to sound out the letters frustrates Bella that she works herself up into a tizzy. Today she decided to just hold her breath and not even try. Then she passed out on my bed.fell a sleep. The apartment was at 73 degrees and humid.  I had a passing out spell the other day. So I am thinking part of these spells are trigger by environmental factors such as temperature either external temperature or internal body temperatures. I called the Dr but the office is closed. Please don't be alarmed Bella is perfectly fine. She's infact terrorizing her brothers as I type this. I wanted to get this put out into the blog world so I can keep track of her spell and I can simply direct her doctors to see this page when we talk about her spells. Bella is great after drinking water and having some protein in her.  Keep in mind we have ac but it's just one room ac so it don't cool down our two bedroom apartment completely.  
Next week we go to the U of M again and I'll keep everyone posted.