Tuesday, January 28, 2014

do you have online stalkers ? I do.

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My blogging journey so far.

They say you need a why for everything you do this is Isabella my why I breath.

It’s been since Aug that I been blogging. The past 3 months I have been blogging my butt off. I am at over 15,000 page views. Not to bad in my books. Companies want you to have 20,000 or more oh my goodness that’s a lot but I look and I’m seriously super close to getting my foot in the review world door.  I have had many companies’s work with me and I have posted my reviews I have a page of some of my very favorite things I’ve gotten from wonderful companies.  There’s a heck of a lot more work than meets the eye. There’s stuff bloggers who are successful that I’m not even going to try and figure out right away like SEO and other things along those lines to get stats up and such. I’m all about just typing and having fun with the images and coding who remembers myspace?

Blogging it’s similar to  myspace but much more fun.  The html coding vs xtml coding was my first bangs head against the wall moment with my blog, I’ve considered taking a creative writing class to improve my grammar and spelling because while it’s been kindly pointed out I’m going to be attacked by grammar Nazis and they won’t read my blog if it’s full of spelling mistakes.  Tough fewy on them I am who I am and as I sit and type my words all come out just how I am typing. I type super fast by the way took a typing test and I type 100 wpm if you take out the spelling errors I’m at maybe 80wpm.  Note to the grammar Nazis I do use spell check but it don’t always fix the grammar.

It takes a lot of time to find a background you like unless you create one yourself then there’s a entire step of instructions to follow. If you are good at reading and following directions then perhaps blogging will come natural and easy. For me it does come natural and easy however it’s time consuming. If I don’t blog while my kid is at school yes from 9-3 then I’m up all night goofing around and that’s just not double for me to be doing. I get up at 630 am to get my kid ready for school during the week. If you know me you know I’m far from an early bird catches the worm type of person. If I had it my way my day would start at noon.  Being a stay at home mom has made me think outside the box which is where blogging came in. I got sick, I mentioned of the Mallory wises tear, massive hitial hernia, GERD, and gallstones, oh and during one of my many medical test I had a polyp removed. I’m exhausted all the time and save my energy for handling day to day task and getting kid off the bus hubby drives her to school. It’s been the entire school year so far that I have been sick and I was going batty crazy of boredom there’s so many tv shows and books one person can read. I have done a few crafts see my curtain post but all in all I’m enjoying blogging the new friends I’m making along the way many bloggers are helpful and very sweet I’d list a list of names right here but I am fearful I’ll forget and leave someone out.

Over time you get to know tricks of the trade of blogging this last part while….This is dedicated to my stalkers.  Not always a bad thing by the way as people come to my blog my number’s for page views go up so it’s a win win you get to see if I’m talking about you and I don’t talk about you and life I’m dealing with and living isn’t something your apart of it’s ok I’m fine with stalkers I consider them my fan’s. I have a lot of fan’s who don’t follow me but who do follow me.

You know the ones, they view your blog then move on only to come back the next time you post something just to see what it is you are posting about.  I’m not sure if stalkers realize I can tell when they read my blog I have this feeder thing that tells me the feeds of who comes and goes on my blog and it will show me the name of the city they are from and if I click on the city it will pop up a ip address.  I know where most of the people I know are from so it’s not hard to see when say my father inlaw stumbles onto my blog and it say user from Kalamazoo Michigan has arrived and I chuckle and think he he. By the way hi dad ripsam J

They look to see if you post about them or write something they can use against you or some are even kind enough to just be a friendly reader who takes the time to read but not comment that’s ok too. I thank you my numbers again go up in page views over 15,000 to be exact and still counting.  Yes I did a double take on the three zeros part.  As in person my family don’t read my blog, my husband is only interested if I get free swag for him or the kids little does he realize it’s not free, it takes a lot of work to do reviews on products and were providing services which I have a list of in my media kid by the way please check it out while you’re here.  My husband now get’s my gmail updates in his inbox thanks to a moment when I used my computer after he used it and forgot to sign out he he. See blogging is fun.

What has your blogging journey been like? Is it similar to mine?