Saturday, January 25, 2014

As I promised from the faces of 22q post, here is a life update.

 First of all, I like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog. Some have asked if my hubby has found work? The answer to that question is yes. My hubby sells hp products as a vendor rep. Meaning its a part time position with 32 hours and no benefits. He loves his job but cost to travel to stores he has to go to inst reimbursed there no benefits and it part time hours at 13 a hour. I am a tell it all kind of blog it maybe tmi but it is what it is and hubby is working. My daughter has ssi which went up after we moved into our two bedroom apartment. Hubby still looking for full time hours and benefits. My own health issues prevent me from working outside the home. I don't drive and to make life more interesting I am Canadian born and raised in Toronto, Ontario,Canada. Paperwork is at the half way mark of being completed once it is I need to get my last high school credit yes I am 30 but I was accepted into college for hospitality and tourism administration in Canada at the time they allowed age of maturity acceptance I also had a really great job in a hair salon as an apprentice. I met hubby online we met fell in love and I got pregnant with Isabella. I was 21 when I met him and 24 when I got pregnant. My husband has three kids shall I say teens now and I became a step mom before I became a mother.
Life hasn't always been kind or easy to me I am still trying to find my calling as I got sick over this summer I have been doing a lot of soul searching. I have a mallory wiese tear which took forever to heal up before the dr can move on to deal with the other issues which are gallstones, massive hitial hernia, gerd and I have a rare genetic disorder called digeorge syndrome,22q,vcfs. I also pass out not very often and its been able to be controlled and I have a lot of support and love however I am trying to cope with everything life has thrown at me. I began blogging to use as a journal and a outlet to help cope with the frustrations of dealing with everything on my plate. 
My blogging journey is just beginning I have met some amazing strong people and I continue to look forward to meeting others.
This week I see the dr and we will talk about date and time and surgery options now that my rounds of test have been done. The one the dr is sure I'm going to need is hitial hernia repair they wrap part of your stomach around your esophagus. I am working on cleaning and organizing life around here this weekend and planning to rest as much as I can this week yes even take down the tree and start decorating for valentines day. Slowly also saving up for the kids birthdays they have bdays all in April yep three in April including bella and one in June. Bella will be 7 and wants a bike to ride to school as its close by and something I can walk along side her with while keeping up her leg strength. We have her doing pt and ot and there is a ton of exercises she does to help her keep in great shape. 
Having a special needs child is a lot of work but mostly rewarding to know shes defying odds beyond drs expectations. Now to deal with the school and iep process were as easy as dealing with her medical issues we would be set.
Speaking of medical stuff I will share her medical binder in a future post this week maybe it will be for wordless Wednesday.
Thank you for reading and I enjoy reading other blogs so if you want me to read a post or follow you please message or comment to let me know. I can be found on twitter, Facebook ,pinterest, blog-loving,serve and so many other social sites.