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Hello there friends

My name is Amanda I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and live in the Kalamazoo Michigan/Grand Rapids area I live in a small town in the middle of two major city’s that both of them together don’t make up the population of Toronto.

Big city Canadian girl living in a small Michigan American town has been a shock to the system it has taken time to adjust and adapt to my environment. I met my husband in Grand Rapids Michigan

My husband and I connected online via a mutual friend. A few years later we had Bella who has been born and raised right here in Michigan. Almost reaching our 13 years of marriage we are both in the longest relationship either of us have ever had.

Making friends as a stay at home mom isn’t always easy so I started writing a blog about our journey and what living with 22q11.2 deletion is like. My world expanded and I have thousands of readers every month following along to the stories we share about our family and adventures.

I have a wide range of interests but they all revolve around creative expression. So let’s talk about my latest obsessions –Product testing, photography & creative writing. I also enjoy entering contests, sweeps and giveaways.

I am one of the few with this genetic disorder who is also raising a child with the same genetic disorder. I have a father and siblings who also have 22q11.2 deletion as well. I have seen the good the bad and everything in between.

I don’t sell false hope I put it all out there like it is truth from my personal fist hand experience by blogging our journey and sharing about MY CHRONIC ILLNESS that come from having 22q11.2 & I believe that by sharing my health journey raising my own child who also has her chronic illness and the adventures I share with my husband everyone can see and a small glimpses into what life truly is like.

I am a stay at home wife mom in my 30s started sharing in my 20s when I was diagnosed

Not only am I a wife and mom to a 22qtie I am a step mom to three young adults who do not have 22q. I am a believer in miracles and faith. I write devotionals and run this website as a lifestyle health and wellness blog. I have been featured on the 22q foundation and rare genes websites just a few years ago I was nominated as a hero of hope just to name a few of the amazing things I have gotten to do from being a freak of nature with a missing genetic piece of material I have thousands follow and read my blog post but not many will comment. They tell me it’s because they are not sure what to say. How about Hello? Let’s keep the conversations about 22q11..2 deletion syndrome aka DiGeorge going! I have also encouraged so many others to start their own websites blogs and fb pages run support groups and inspire others. I have email messages and conversations saved to back it all up.

I am currently working on a book about my journey and how one family copes with 22q.

Each one of us effected with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome are born with some same and different symptoms. For example even in the same family we experience different I have gasteroparises and Bella has a mild form of spastic cerebral palsy. The thing we have in common Adhd and aniexity and a missing piece of dna that are the instructional materials for our bodies. Missing pieces of genetic material is not often easy to explain it’s even more frustrating having to explain it to drs, teachers, nurses and everyone we meet. I guess you can call me an expert but I’m only an expert on how it effects my family which there are multiple of us who have it like I mention above.

Parent mentoring & advocating are skills I had to develop as a parent to a child with special needs and having some of my own health challenges. I understand laws and rules of IEPs and currently mainstream our child with an IEP she is in her last year of elementary school we have blogged about her journey and raising awareness one blog post doctor nurse and teacher at a time. As a Canadian the American school system is very different the health care system is even more difficult and confusting but I learned enough to help others. At one point I felt like the girl from True calling a show where ghost come to them and ask for help. I would get phone calls, late night fb messsages, emails and so many other request to find out how their child will develop what steps and test to look out for and mostly they were are looking for hope. I don’t sell hope here. I have lost a brother to this syndrome and it’s a struggle daily to keep pressing forward sometimes. A struggle with depression 10 years ago and hospital stays lead me to a journey of self discovery and recovery. I am now writing about all of it. The good the bad and the stuff in between.

Bella is doing great despite her missed days of school due to doctor visits. Bella was also a top earner for Hoops for heart for the American heart association we both have a mild heart murmur and as we learn more about Bella I sometime discover things about myself too.

Learning you were indeed born to stand out on a world that is unkind to people who are different is scary.

I created mommiesquietplace a safe space to share your story and feel heard though the power of meet and greet blog post that others can connect with one another at no cost or special fundraisers. My goal of this website is to help family’s without digging into their pocketbooks. I’m not about sharing the same info to the same group of people over and over. I am getting the word out about 22q to everyone we can.

only it’s not si-fi it’s you’re new reality

In the blog posts I share what it’s like personally living with a genetic disorder while raising my family the ups downs and all that’s in between

Mommies Quiet Place is a lifestyle health & wellness website with a blog.

Thank you so much for enjoying and reading our content

This goes unsaid, but I am 100% NOT anyone that you should take medical advice from, but I do hope that my story, personal first hand experience at the very least, could somehow direct someone in the right direction in their journey to getting better and living well.

I pay monthly to keep this website up and I put a lot of effort for everything that goes into this website all content is mine unless stated otherwise.

If you wish to copy anything I have done please email me and directly ask.

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