“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

One day I got a call that I needed to be genetically tested, because my father and 3 siblings tested positive for 22q deletion syndrome.


I wait months for the test results to come back and wait then... all in one day my world turned upside down and inside out.

Living with 22q for 35 year and counting raising my own child and watching my siblings grow up with their very different challenges.  Each one of us effected are born with some same and different symptoms.

Parent mentoring advocating and raising awareness one blog post doctor nurse and teacher at a time.

Learning you were indeed born to stand out on a world that is unkind to people who are different is scary.

only it’s not si-fi it’s you’re new reality

In the blog posts I share what it’s like personally living with a genetic disorder while raising my family the ups downs and all that’s in between

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