self care while living with gasteroparises and raising a child with special needs

till here as seen in previous posts.


I have been doing self care.
As a caregiver we can often over look the burn out factor.
I became burnt out friends! that is why there have been very few blog posts.

I received all of your encouraging words and emails, as I reply to each one slowly I am coming up with blog posts ideas.

I am medication free for 3 weeks now and had a lifestyle diet change.
I am now almost all gluten free elimination diets sucks by the way.
I find I have more issues with milk vs gluten and lactose free seems to help me with less tummy pains. Still eating soft mushy foods but allowing myself a cheat day here and there.

I am slowly healing from gasteroparises it will never go away and could get worst before I get better.
The flair ups and they have been less and less as I learn new ways to eat and balance life.
I even started seeing a new dr locally for myself vs traveling further out.
I am feeling much better and now I am working on sleep and routines.
Sleep has always been a struggle as many of you 22q mommas can relate to.
When Bella was first born and going though diagnoses stage I didn't get any more then maybe 2 hours of sleep a night. 9 years later here I am braver stronger wiser.
Over the years we have managed to find out about her issues and I am learning more about myself though my daughter as there are no adult clinics other then the one at sick kids hospital in Toronto.
So doing managed care for myself and her became too much and I had let my health slide.
Now 8 years later I am finally back on track I have been on track before but this is a new back on track for me as I am doing everything holistically and naturally. Educate yourself is the key to hope. Question everything and avoid online group dramma that stuff and pull you in and suck you dry. The competitive I know more then you is strong in groups and they tend not to be about supporting which is why I started my blog to avoid the dramma and focus on finding others who are going though the same things. I think I am only in three groups now.
The blog has been around for 4 years and going strong at over 4,000 subscribers even with the changes I have had to make with web hosting. I am considering putting together a website vs blog. Youtube channel in the future as that's how media trends seem to go.
Remember its okay for self care so you can be the best you for your kids and family. I am so glad I was tested and treated for 22q issues.
That is my tip for the week.
What are some of your favorite self care tips? Thank you everyone for reading