Is this site providing medial advice ?



We share our first hand personal experience and journey in hopes it can help others.

Info posted here should not be considered medical advice; it's not intended to replace consultation with physicians or other health care providers. 

Every parent or adult with 22q needs to find their own path for achieving optimal wellness. While we do tons to help guide you, it’s up to each of you to make well-informed choices and live with the consequences. assumes no liability or responsibility for stuff that goes wrong.

Links to other web sites are provided as a service, but do not constitute endorsement of those sites by; we are not responsible for their content. We do our best to find the most resources but .

Take what you likeand leave the rest. Use what you learn to make your life better. Be responsible for your own choices.

Do you offer one on one phone calls/coaching?

No, we no longer do that but if you are in Michigan you can contact Parent to Parent and ask for a mentor. If you are local in Kalamazoo, Mi contact

is this the same blog of mommies quiet place tat started in 2014 ? where are all past posts?

This is the same blog and founder only we changed from a blog to a website to meet readers wishes and suggestions. You can subscribe at the top and never miss any future blog post. My blog post is saved and I am ading new post frequently. I will even take some older post and jazz the older post up such as the meet and greets which can be found on home page menu bar under meet and greets.

Love Amanda and Adam



Is this site an awareness site ?

No, we do not have this site to promote awareness only.

we do promote events such as 22q at the zoo but there are other sites that are out there promoting only 22q awareness. If you would like us to help to please use the contact me form

I also mention other awareness organizations such as non profits that would I would find helpful resources to my readers

If you would like a social media shout out or a blog post writing up by me leave a email with details and I will get back to you.

I am on all social media platforms and I would love to connect but email get' my attention faster.




What is mommies quiet Place mission ?


Dedicated to sharing hope,compassion and balance while living with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.

Ask questions and get answers from someone with first hand personal experience and first hand knowledge of living life with #22q & raising my family.

To bring awareness of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome though my stories and other peoples stories. Providing information from first hand personal experience.

Who in my family has 22q that makes me experienced with living with 22q?

My father has 22q, a half sister has 22q, two half brothers have 22q, one half sibling passed away age age 6. I myself have 22q and mine and hubby daughter Bella has 22q

FTC- I am not being paid by any of the mentioned companies or services on this site.

. I have a background in sales and hair and helping others though the use of mentoring

The views in this website are strictly my own and I would never suggest anything on this website unless I use it myself.