Mental health awareness

Mental health awareness

I want to focus on PTSD the non combat kind. The kind that you get from being tortured as a child. What I have witness and experience I wrote about in the first part of the book I am writing but I wanted to take a step further and share about mental health and bring more awareness to it. 

Just doing a search for mental health hashtags to discover what I want to write about it is massive people are not kind about this when they find out you have issues. The stigtima is out there so much that there is a ton of mental health blog just blogging about mental health in general.

Now let's think what if you have a genetic disorder that causes you to have some mental health issues like panic attacks, syncope, and adhd

for me personally I have Adhd ptsd panic attacks and syncope. 

Over the past 10 years I have attended theraphy and I have learned to set boundaries with others and realize not to push my self past my own limits. When I mentor other parents that the number one thing they have talked with me about is the burn out factor lack of sleep, the always hyper alert and to some extent panic and fear about the future. Wondering if their child will be able to grow up and be just like me. Married with kids and having a successful life.

Here is a balance wheel I learned you have to juggle this wheel carefully not to allow things to fall or you'll end up not happy.

For a while the work issue has always gotten to me and after I had Bella I had 3 break downs. I guess the third time I realize what I was doing wasn't working and I had to find better ways to cope with stress and manage my own health bette


to learn more about PTSD here is a link

I grew up with a mother who lived with a man who liked to hit women even girls. I was 11 before I was able to get away from that place. I would take joy in the fact that I could see my grandparents on the weekend which was my escape. Now that I have mostly recovered form the ptsd flashbacks and the night mares finally have stooped. I wanted to write about it. So I decided to make a mental health blog that's not related to 22q but it does effect me.

In order to maintain both your mental and emotional health, it’s vital to stay aware of your own

needs and feelings. Never allow your stress and emotions to build up. Attempt to maintain a

good balance between your normal responsibilities and the things you enjoy. Do things that

positively impact others. Being useful to others and being valued for what you do can help build self-esteem.


1) Practice self discipline.

Self-discipline leads to a sense of happiness and accomplishment,

which can help you overcome feelings of helplessness and other negative thoughts.

2) Learn or discover new things. Think of them as “intellectual sweets.” Take an adult education

class or try, or join a book club, visit a museum or simply travel somewhere new and exciting.

I  personally struggle with Adhd and PTSD so organization, cluttering and how to topics are a big hit with me.

was a fun book to read in theory I wanted it to work out. I just have to much stuff that make me happy. I did manage to clean out our bedroom and make my apartment more welcoming by adding new furniture and cleaning out book shelf.

The key is this balance wheel here it's a chart I was given in one of my own therapy sessions. I have talked with a therapist infact a few over the years because someone else always has a different point of view and offers great feed back. Another thing I have done and have been doing for years that I find helpful with creating balance is working the fly lady system. Its perfect for someone like me with ADHD who get's overwhelmed it has a detailed list and a plan of action using each room in the house and labling it zones. so example on Mondays I work in zone 1 the kitchen and then Tuesday the living room is zone 2 and so on.

here is the link to the fly lady videos

I also enjoy watching others on Youtube clean. I know crazy ideas but I don't feel like I am the only person working on the decluttering task.

I have 4 loads of laundry to put way that are currently in baskets it's all bedding. It's sitting in my kitchen (I do have a nice size kitchen but I need the room to move around so today. I will be doing dishes and putting the laundry way. Lunch time we will head to the park and take photos with my new camera and this evening husband bella and I will be going to a group at a church we have started to attend. (our old one sold :(

I hope you guys find it helpful and enjoy it. If you do please like comment and share.

amanda ripsam