Session 2 of real appeal weight loss journey 22q

I completed session 2 on Real Appeal I logged in my food intake for two weeks. I increased my steps.

The second week of my weight loss journey. Logged in my food daily. Increased my steps discovered carbs own me

. I need to grocery shop and stick to our budget plan.
The best part of this is my husband is taking part in this with me.

My starting weight is 193 there I put it out there for the entire world to help keep me accountable. I am only 5 foot 3

My goal weight for short term goal is 183 my goal weight for long term goal is 145 that will put me in a healthy bmi

I wake up chocking in myself do to the gerd and gasteropaires so I sleep propped up and take a medication for the acid reflex.  I use a wedge at night and some extra pillows.

I try my best to eat healthy and in reasonable portions I walk and work out twice a week.

I have stepped up with logging in my food into the real appeal app and I took before photos. I'm not ready to share the before until I have an after to share with you guys as the before photos I still am struggling emotionally looking at them.

I have a cute photo of Bella and I at the beach I shared on Instagram but for this post here is a head shot photo of me.

fitness (3).jpg
amanda ripsam