Weeks 3 & 4 real appeal weight loss journey

I am on week 4 but just now getting to writing about week 2. This week I lost a pound.

Adam and I have done so many changes to our diet we now fill the fridge with fruits and veggies and Adam is even working on loosing weight with me. It has helped us connect and after 12 years of marriage we have done a ton of eating together. we modify our favorite meals now and swap unhealthy things for healthier choices

we like going out and picking the new to us places to eat at. Kalamazoo and Grand rapids are both only 30 minutes away and we have a huge selection of yummy foods to pick.

However most nights we have ended up eating home cook meals at home watching tv. When he watches tv shows I'm not into I enter sweeps contest and giveaways it's a fun hobby.

Here is some photos of my set up for you to see. I thought it could help get you a idea on what I have to work with . Mind you we live within our means in a small two bedroom apartment.

I am looking forward to loosing more weight and hope next week I finally see a two pound weight drop having gasteroparies it is hard to loose weight I wake up coughing and chocking in my sleep and I have done all that the dr say and suggest so now I do things in moderation and go by my energy levels on what I can and cant’ do durning the day during my down times I enter the sweeps and that been a ton of fun. I really need to set a limit someitmes I can go down the giveaway sweeper land for hours. I need to change my mindset and workout for hours like I used to when I was much younger. Next week I add a work out routine I did run and walk but that only once a week I need to step up the game abd burn off what I eat. that’s how the pounds will drop

are you trying to loose weight too? have you found anything that works and is your go to when you have to drop a few pounds?