Media kit

Media Kit


Thank you so much for viewing this page as you know my name is Amanda and I love finding products and hunting for freebies as I share on my Instagram all the time of the freebies I find.  the posts that I share the free stuff I get in the mail has been such a huge hit over the years you all love it and wanted me to keep it so I decided that I will create a small space here on my blog of only select choices that meet the needs of the parents who read my blog.

I have a huge following of people who love that I share what I find so they can find those products services and items too that Ion my personal facebook page so I thought I would bring a service to my blog and share reviews as a blogger accommodating services is an excellent way to promote products and services that can reach the readers on this blog who are mostly parents of special needs children. 

I wanted to make a space just for those of you who love my reviews and suggestions. I look forward to adding giveaways and gift guides in the future.


Having kids exposes you to all kinds of choices and the new world of product that come out daily it sometimes hard to make the right product choice without first doing some research on what other bloggers think and feel about it. 

I have a service to help you do just that learn about the products and services I have found helpful here at mommiesquietplace I have product tested, reviewed and hunted for the best deals around now I am starting to share only those products I feel that would be a good match for my readers such as this post right here I was sent protein drinks from moms meet. I don't just stop at protein drinks and food but I also review and test any product that would be a great fit for a healthy lifestyle and wellness blog. My readers are mostly moms of children with special needs and I would love to help them find some fantastic deals and products. 

 The endless choices can easily become overwhelming. Finding items that are safe, effective, and tailored to your family’s individual needs and standards is key.

That’s why we’ve partnered with companies to bring you a collection filled with unique finds to help you master the parenting game. 

Check out our reviews and products pages on my site to help you connect with fantastic products and services that will match your unique needs.

If you would like to collaborate with me to get the word out about your products or services all thoughts are my own and I would never review a product or service I don't personally use

I have been product reviewing since 2012 and I have a high reach on influenster, buzzaget, smiley360 and moms meet.  I have also reviewed products for company's starting out, smaller companies and everything in between. I have a background in retail sales and love helping match people to products and services.  Let me know what kinds of products you would like me to review and I will look and see what I can find.

This is just something I am trying out on this new website so I hope it is a hit and if you like it comment, subscribe and share.


email me using the contact page or copy and paste this email here if you have a product or service you would like me to promote on my website


Amanda Ripsam

with the subject line product review/test


If you want to work with us here is our Amazon wishlist